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Can you do it? Can you intentionally let your tag hang out?

Custom Made Garments

“Step up on the stool,” the seamstress says. “It’s time for some alterations.”

I sigh, knowing his words to be true, but I don’t want to stand still, only pivoting when instructed. The seams at my waistline do strain against the fabric each time I inhale, but surely I can wear this garment a little longer.

“You know you’re always more comfortable with some wiggle room,” he says around the pins protruding from between his lips.

New Vantage Point

My knees wobble from my stationary stance, but then I take in the view, different from up here.

Layers of dust on top of the bookcase and the ceiling fan spread out at eye level. I need to address that grime when this alteration is done. And since I’ll have more room to take a breath, I can dust and sneeze without fear of a tear appearing in my dress.

Bobbing at my elbow is the head of the One who adeptly makes the needed changes in my outfit. The pins prick occasionally, but thoughts of the finished product help squelch most of my impatience. Plus, He’s done this before, and I trust His revision skills.

Garment Maker

Perhaps the Lord fashions garments for us that are too big so we can grow into them. As he approaches for our next alteration, we anticipate our time to be still before him, watching his handiwork take shape. Our trust unfurls with our lengthening hemline, our spiritual muscles have room to expand inside widening sleeves.

On Display

When we finally step down from the stool-after the tedious but enriching experience of lingering underneath His capable hands-we stretch, we take a deep breath and we untuck the label at the back of our collar. The tag, with the name of our Maker upon it, wags in our wake for all to see.

Let’s challenge ourselves to be even more bold, to wear our clothes inside out. Then the watching world will get a glimpse of the skillful seams of the One who *knit us together. 

*Psalm 139:13

About Jenni Brummett

California native. Author of historical fiction. Lover of architecture and horticulture.
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  1. laurabennet says:

    Cool post. I like the intrigue of the story and the great message. So true! Thanks for the follow. I am glad we can get more connected here and there. :)

  2. laurabennet says:

    By the way, I love your header picture.

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